Sunday Takeaway Menu

Sunday Takeaway Menu

(served 12-6pm)

Ring 01677 422461

Roast Topside of Beef served with Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes and vegetables
(can be Gluten Free)

Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef and Onion Gravy
(no vegetables or potatoes included)

Fish, chips and peas with homemade Tartare sauce

Breaded whole tail Scampi served with chips and peas

Battered Chicken Strips served with chips and sweet chilli sauce

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with chips

Ask for our Vegetarian/Vegan options

If we have a lot of pre-orders, a choice of roast meat may be available

Bowl of chips £2.00 Basket of chips £3.00

A selection of desserts available

Please ask if you need any information on the allergens present in any of our dishes.

Our chips are cooked in the same fryers as fish, onion rings & scampi so are not totally Gluten Free.