Summer Menu


Homemade Soup served with crusty bread

Crab & Avocado Timbale

Pork Satay

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms served with crusty bread

Chicken Caesar Salad

Main Courses

Fish, chips and peas with homemade Tartare sauce

Breaded wholetail Scampi served with chips and peas

Harissa Salmon – fillet of salmon with a Middle Eastern coating – served with salad & new potatoes

Pork & Fennel Meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce, served with pasta

Prime 6oz beef Burger with Blue or Mozzarella cheese – served in a bun with mayonnaise, sliced tomato and red onion marmalade, with homemade chips

Oven baked Lasagne served with chips or salad

Sirloin steak (approx. 12oz) with vine tomatoes, mushrooms and chips

Rib Eye Steak (approx. 10oz) with vine tomatoes, mushrooms and chips

Choice of sauces: Garlic Butter, Brandy & Black Pepper, Yorkshire Blue

Steak & Ale Pie served with vegetables and chips or new potatoes

Gammon Steak with Egg or Pineapple served with chips and peas

Vegan Cottage Pie served with peas

Sticky Chicken – glazed chicken breast served with vegetables or salad, and new potatoes or chips

Ploughman’s Platter of ham, Yorkshire Blue & Wensleydale Cheese served with crusty bread


Crispy Onion Rings £2.50   Garlic Bread £2.00   Mixed Salad £2.50

Bowl of chips £2.15 Basket of chips £3.00

Please ask if you need any information on the allergens present in any of our dishes.