A game played with metal discs, traditionally made of steel, and thrown across a set distance at a metal spike (called a pin, hob or mott). The spike is centrally, and vertically, positioned in a square of moist clay measuring three feet across. The pins are 11 yards (10 metres) apart, with their tops protruding 3–4 inches (8–10 centimetres) above the clay. Quoits measure about 5+12 in (14 cm) in diameter and weigh around 5+12 lb (2.5 kg).


Wednesday 4 May TW v The Crown – Brompton on Swale 7.00pm start

Wednesday 1 June TW v Willow Tree B 7.30pm start

Wednesday 29 June TW v Maunby 7.30pm start

Wednesday 20 July TW v Willow Tree A 7.30pm start

Wednesday 27 July TW v Thrintoft 7.30pm start

Wednesday 17 August TW v Crakehall A 7.00pm start